The magic of gemstones !

         The year 2020 has been difficult for almost everyone.  Be it mentally or financially with so many challenges of uncertainty, so much sadness, anger, confusion and hurt.
However kicking start this year with a positive mindset is necessary!  Happy New Year to everyone . I am very pleased to know that a lot of the people i know are diving into continuing education, investing in themselves and are now interested more than ever  in self-care ❤︎ healing , being grateful , learning new things about random matter! 
I usually post a story on instagram with detailed information on gemstone of the month and this time i thought ti would be nice to change into a shorter one for people to actually learn facts  :P    
why ... ? 
why not....    so here goes! 


Interesting fact You sure didn't know about  Garnets!


*Image by



a deep red stone associated with passion,

also comes in a rainbow of colors except shades of blue.



 As a gemstone,

*( reddish- brown ) garnet is abundant and affordable,

but it can also be expensive and rare in the case of Pyrope ( blood red / pink / orange in color ) and Demantoid ( transparent green).  


So what is it interesting about Pyrope? 


      A rare and valuable member of the garnet family. Is extremely desired for its magical ability to change color in natural daylight and incandescent light.

This phenomena is natural,  without having the gemstone go under any treatment!

This stone here is "purple in daylight-equivalent light to pink in incandescent light!   "  - GIA

   *Image by Kevin Schumacher


Looks Surreal huh ... ! Its magical ! 


   *Image by Kirk Feral


*Image by Kirk Feral



short as promised :)


  stay tuned for gemstone facts ✴︎💎✴︎  



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