How To Care for Your Jewelry:

❥When not wearing your jewelry,
protect it by keeping it stored in its original packaging or in a pouch.
Remove jewelry when doing household tasks with harsh chemicals.
       ❥ Avoid exercising with your jewelry as excessive perspiration changes colors of both pure gold and gold plated pieces. 
      Avoid direct contact with ​Perfume , water , moisture and
      lotions to keep the shine of the metal and plating intact. 

       We advice wearing your Jewelry last thing when you dress up 
      Excessive light, heat or moisture may cause
      damage to natural gemstones, and will speed the oxidisation process.
        Pearls and  gemstones should not be exposed to cleaning agents
        & ultrasonic cleaners, as may cause damage or discoloration.
          Direct contact with moisture, and chemicals such as chlorine, sulfur, perfumes, water, detergents and lotions should be avoided.
              Wipe your jewelry with a clean, soft cloth to remove any oils and dirt from it. 
                Materials that we use & Care  

                Metal    We use both  14k/18k Gold metal and  925 Silver 

                The 925 Silver metal is either 18k Gold-plated for yellow/rose gold finish and is Rhodium plated for a white gold finish.

                The ‘vermeil’ coating on silver jewelry products can naturally fade away with time, due to contact with water, surfaces, perfume, clothes and other environmental factors. We are happy to provide you with a touch-up, free of charge at any time.

                Wearing your jewelry every day may speed up the process of fading, particularly on items worn on the hands like rings, due to more frequent contact with surfaces and substances.

                However we are happy to provide you with a polish or an additional plating anytime the color fades away, at a symbolic nominal cost.

                The cost of shipping the product back to us and delivering it back to you will be at your own expense. 


                Stones  We use Gemstones, semi-precious stones,  Cubic Zirconia and Cultured Pearls in our designs.

                Our Pearls are cultured fresh water pearls with variations of color shape and size. ( Fact: no two pearls are 100% identical except man made). 

                Inclusions in Gemstones can be seen by a magnifier/ the naked eye, which is part of their natural norm and charm. 


                For any other inquires please contact us and we will be more than happy to provide you with information.