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" The Water and the Marina "

" The Water and the Marina "

  A graceful stone 



Aquamarine, the birthstone for March and a member  of beryl family consist of silicon, Beryllium and Aluminium. The colour of this precious stone depends on the level of iron impurities contained within, ranging from pale green, bright green and turquoise to pale blue

The stone evokes tranquility through its serene colours,

pastel blue hues mirroring the sky and water 



symbolic of health, hope and youth

symbolises unity and love

 purity of spirit and soul



Learn some names ... for intellectuality ... 


Don Pedro

The world’s largest cut aquamarine

No photo description available.


We sure want some juice on this gem !

         so,  did you ever know that ...

Aquamarine has been used as eyeglasses to correct nearsightedness, from Emperor Nero 2,000 years ago! and much later, Aquamarines were used as glasses in Germany to correct short-sightednes  




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March 05, 2021 by hania bitar
The "cathedral of Splendor"

The "cathedral of Splendor"

The gemstone of love 
Amethyst celebrates Februarys birthday 
Aquarius - Pisces 

This gemstone is the most expensive variety of Quartz
Claimed to have mystical powers 
A natural tranquilliser, releaving stress & strain, balances mood swings 
Amethyst has been used in Jewelry in Medieval churches as a symbol of divinity , wisdom and wealth
It is the central stone for St. Valentines ring 


Deep Love   -    Happiness   -   Sincerity 
* * * * 
☀️ When exposed to too much sunlight   ☀️
 can cause darker amethyst to fade with time                  
So If you love going to the beach regularly avoid
wearing amethyst jewelry : )
* * * * 
In Feng Shui 
it improves the flow of energy in your space
In Career & Life
it boosts your mental concentration 
In Love and Relationships
provides calm and relaxing atmosphere full of
loving emotions

Did you know that

Citrine can be created by heat- treating Amethyst naturally or purposely ! 


 Now due to this phenomenal above  

a natural Bi-colored  mixed Crystal 


  Ametrine exists

Ametrine blends masculine energy of 
citrine and feminine energy of amethyst 
Because of this, it is a beneficial stone for sexuality!


February 05, 2021 by hania bitar
The magic of gemstones !

The magic of gemstones !

Happpy New year!

Interesting fact about Garnet gemstone 

January 22, 2021 by hania bitar