The "cathedral of Splendor"

The gemstone of love 
Amethyst celebrates Februarys birthday 
Aquarius - Pisces 

This gemstone is the most expensive variety of Quartz
Claimed to have mystical powers 
A natural tranquilliser, releaving stress & strain, balances mood swings 
Amethyst has been used in Jewelry in Medieval churches as a symbol of divinity , wisdom and wealth
It is the central stone for St. Valentines ring 


Deep Love   -    Happiness   -   Sincerity 
* * * * 
☀️ When exposed to too much sunlight   ☀️
 can cause darker amethyst to fade with time                  
So If you love going to the beach regularly avoid
wearing amethyst jewelry : )
* * * * 
In Feng Shui 
it improves the flow of energy in your space
In Career & Life
it boosts your mental concentration 
In Love and Relationships
provides calm and relaxing atmosphere full of
loving emotions

Did you know that

Citrine can be created by heat- treating Amethyst naturally or purposely ! 


 Now due to this phenomenal above  

a natural Bi-colored  mixed Crystal 


  Ametrine exists

Ametrine blends masculine energy of 
citrine and feminine energy of amethyst 
Because of this, it is a beneficial stone for sexuality!


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