So... what's the fuss about the Watermelon ?

Watermelon  /ˈwɔːtəˌmɛlən/. :


1. a large oblong or rounded fruit with a hard outer shell, a sweet red juicy pulp, and usually many seeds


2.  Art work by the creative  Artist Beesan Arafat 

you  can check out her beautiful work on instagram painting

The Watermelon - acrylic on canvas 


3. an exclusive limited edition 18k gold pendant. 

 A beautiful piece of gold designed by jewelry designer Hania Bitar in Collaboration with Artist Beesan Arafat converted from her painting featuring the an 18k gold watermelon with enamel on a ceramic  "khalili" plate  here as mother of pearl encased in an 18k gold frame.


So... what's the fuss about the Watermelon ? 

Do you know that in 1967, raising a Palestinian flag in Gaza and West Bank was considered a crime?

To subvert the ban on the main national colors, Palestinians used to carry sliced watermelons through the region as a sign of protest!

 🍉 🇵🇸

Again... but now in 2023 

"Israel has effectively banned the Palestinian flag 🇵🇸 by ordering Israeli police to tear it down.

While Israel has a history of destroying the Palestinian flag and inflicting violence against Palestinians simply for carrying it, destroying the Palestinian flag is now official Israeli policy. "  -  The IMEU 

Want to show the world the Watermelon Statement piece? 
 You can now shop the pendant in our Necklaces section 
Don't hesitate to reach us for any inquiries! 
xoxo , Hania Bitar ❤︎


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