Gold Plating


 Gold plating is a process where a thin layer of gold is bonded onto a base metal.

Plating is quite common in the jewelry world, with gold and rhodium being two popular types.

Silver is one of the best metals to plate and thats why we dont plate anything other than Silver and Gold as a base with 18k Gold.



Is gold plating real gold ?  


Yes gold plating is real gold but little gold is used on the layer of the jewelry and hence its value.



Rhodium Plating 


18k Gold plating

to gold


Gold plated jewelry offers a budget-friendly option to buying pure gold jewelry. It gives you the look and the

style without the high price tag that comes with gold.


Does Gold plating fade?

Yes it can fade over time, losing its initial luster and brightness.

In general, plating can last for up to couple years with proper care, however it really depends on the wearer

(some skins sweat make the plating  fade quicker than others)!  


The best way to deal with faded  pieces is to have the piece replated when required. 


How to care? 

You can extend the life of gold plated jewelry by ; 


  • Keeping away from chemicals, oils and makeup.


  • Always put on your jewelry last, after applying makeup, hairspray and perfumes.


  • Take off gold plated jewelry when doing chores as the chemicals in soaps, detergents and cleaners can impact the plating.